Who is TESLA

Tesla™ Asenkron Motor Co.Ltd. has been established as the Turkish Partner of Shanghai Techtop Motor Co.Ltd.Tesla™ Motor,as with its’ other establishment Sun Metal Ltd. has already been marketing and distributing all kinds and varieties of electric motors throughout 25 years , is carrying out the necessary knowledge and experience in electric motor business. With the 25 years’ experience , we can easily guarantee to our customers that we will offer them the high-qualified motors and we will serve them in the best way.

Shanghai Techtop Motor Co.Ltd.,with its’ 800 production and 200 high-level staff,is the leading Electric Motors Manufacturer in China.In 2000 , with its 400.000quantities/year manufacturing capacity,the company listed itself in ‘Top 5’ between the ‘Electric Motors Manufacturers’ and The target is ‘Top 3’ at the end of 2005.

Shanghai Techtop Motor Co.Ltd. has been established in 1990 and manufacturing with its highest capacity in two plants,Shanghai and Fu’an City.Techtop Motor, if we include also Turkey with Tesla™ Motor, has been exporting to 30 countries periodically,and besides these, also exporting partially to many companies all over the world.Techtop Motor, is also manufacturing to some Electric Motor Manufacturers especially in Italy and Germany. Nowadays they are planning on new investments inorder expand their manufacturing capacity just to export more countries and to shorten the delivery times.

The First reason why we choose Techtop Motor as a partner is their way of looking to the ‘Quality’.Techtop Motor is highly aware of that ‘The Quality’ is the priority and comes before ‘The Price’ and because of this , their investments depend on always to the ‘The Quality’.

By the help of these qualified ideas , they are also manufacturing qualified motors and they have reached to a qualified Customers Portfolio.

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